"Experience our Difference"

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What makes our breeding program different? 

1) Look with your eyes at our parent dogs. Then you decide.

2) We have pretty high golden retriever % in almost all of our litters (ranging from about 63 - 97%. Typically 70% golden or higher)  and you can tell by the appearance and dispositions and energy levels of our dogs. (See our parent video page) 

3) Look at our head shapes, bone density and ear length. Decide if they look like golden retrievers, overgrown cocker spaniels or straight coated poodles.

4) Look at the coats on our dogs. Are they a natural flowing like a golden? Long and shaggy like a spaniel? Short and choppy like a straight coated doodle that sheds?

5) Shedding. Yes, our dogs do shed. You can typically look at the coat of an adult dog to see if it sheds. For instance, if a dog doesn't shed, the coat will grow, grow, grow until you trim it. Look for signs that the dog has been trimmed. Some groomers are pretty good at this so look closely. Is it a natural free flowing coat? Or do the edges look trimmed? (we don't trim anything but our poodles)

   A. More about shedding: As a breeder of petite goldendoodles as well, I can tell you that straight coated doodles "may" shed less but they do indeed shed. If you want nonshedding in a poodle cross, you will need that curly coat.

6) Body preportion: We are very careful and doing a pretty good job of keeping our dog bodies well proportioned. No WEINER DOGS HERE!!!! (With all due respect to the weiner doggies of course)

7) No corn, wheat or soy in our diets! (please let me know if you want to become a distributer of the food we use that has never been recalled)

8) Less than 1% of health issues of any kind ever. (yes we do DNA genetic testing) We also have done time testing. We have been raising miniature goldens since 2005. So "time" is on our side.

9) Cancer cases: 1 ever (see #7 as all of those ingredients are genetically modified and or treated with Roundup aka Glyphosate)

10) We plan our life around our dogs. Silly I know...and yes we have several dogs. The reason we plan our lives around them is because we have a very hard time trusing anyone else to care for them properly. Time away and vacations are few but we do sometimes get a chance to get away with the kids. We are very thankful for that. Our house is always a mess....so is the yard....we always have 3-7 dogs running loose on the farm. That means they dig holes, steal the grand kids' toys, climb into the trash bin on occasion.....yes this is frustrating but i prefer that to keeping them locked up all the time. Dogs need to be able to run around, be free, happy, follow us around with the horses, cows, pigs....

11) Most of our adult dog pens are 10' x 40' in size with free choice food and water, insulated houses and they typically share the pen with 1 other friend. Except for little Meg. She INSISTS on climbing back in with Heavenly and Alley which are 5 times her size! Silly little dog....sigh... 

Some of our pens are odd shaped and range from 25X 35 - 25 X 40 - 50 X 50....only a few are smaller being 5 x 30 and 10 x 20 pens. Most have dirt floors...enabeling dogs to dig holes and run and play and do what dogs like to do.

12) We are not perfect nor are we fancy. We don't pretend to be. Do I sometimes have bad days? Yes. Am I always 100% proffessional? Nope. Do I get easily annoyed? Sometimes. However, I am a real person. I have real feelings, and try to work out any real issues with you. We are limited in some ways as we are "country" people and have that mentality. Many costomers are "city" people and have that mentality. City vets are different than country vets....so my vets perspective is likely different than yours. Sometimes it is hard to bridge that gap. But we do our best!!! 

We are not superior or uppity but we are not pushovers either. ;)