Male VS Female

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Male vs Female

Why are females so much more people ask?

Are females somehow "better" than males?



They are more expensive because everyone takes the females and leaves the males. People are the reason....not the dogs' gender.

I had 5 kids. 2 males and 3 females. All from the same litter....

1) Oldest high energy, obnoxious, rowdy, determined, strong willed, strong, wirey, whitty, quick thinking, very active and atheletic, 6 pk abs, loves water. Was it a male or a female? (see answer below)

2) Next mellow, sensitive, easily taken advantage of....quiet, stubborn, pretty mellow, outgoing, fun, sweet, loves water. (male or female?)

3) Very soft spoken, quiet, calm, loyal, sweet, mellow, gentle, kind, hard working, smart, dislikes water, NOT outgoing. (male or female?)

4) Kind, gentle, determined, vibrant, doer not a talker, defender of life, feirce, righteous, intelligent, wise, loves water. (male or female?)

5) Pushy, determined, sweet, loving, BIG hearted, bold, inventive, strong, loves the water, self confident, strong leader. (male or female)

1) Female

2) Female

3) Male

4) Female

5) Male


Were you correct in your stereotyping??? ;o)

Now the truth....

1) All of our dogs are sold on spay and neuter contract therefore they are DESEXED before 1 year of age.

2) 99.9% of all of our fully intact (not neutered) male dogs are NOT leg mounters!!! These are not poodles or pure bred labs or Jack Russell Terriers!!

3) Most of our dogs do not even consider lifting their leg to pee until at least 6 mos of age. (time to neuter)

4) Males are not larger than females (based on gender) as they are not a pure bred dog yet. We can have a tiny male and a large male in the same litter. Same with females.

5) Males/Females are NOT "sweeter" less dominent, more loyal, less bossy, more cuddly, ect ect all depends on the DOG NOT THE GENDER! (I have litterally raised 100's of dogs in my life so I do have some experience here)

6) Neuter (male dog) is cheaper than a spay (female dog)

7) Males are less expensive most places (because other breeders likely have the same issue that I do ;o)

8) A positive attitude goes a long ways and so does proper training. ;o) YOU will be the one who molds your dog to be your best friend no matter the gender.