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1) Deposits are nonrefundable! DO NOT ASK FOR A REFUND! Do not submit a deposit unless you are 100% sure. If something "comes up" be willing to transfer at a later date.

2) I choose the shipping date. Please read our shipping page for complete details on shipping rules and exceptions. Then read our boarding page.

3) We choose puppies at "about" 5 weeks of age. Please check your email a.m. and p.m. 3 days prior to your litters 5 week birthdate and every day after until you are told it is your turn to choose. Please choose as soon as possible to keep the process moving. You are required to choose within 36 hours of me notifying you that it is your turn. If you fail to choose within 36 hours, you will be bumped. If you are trying to fly in at just the right time to choose your puppy, I am not going to be able to help with that very well BECAUSE: 1) I can't possibly know the exact date your choosing time will fall on UNLESS you are 1st in line! So, trying to buy a ticket last minute is an option, but you will need to choose your puppy within the 36 hour time frame. Ultimately, if you are willing to hop on a plane or get in the car and be here within your 36 hour window with little to no notice, we can have you come and choose your puppy.

4) We update pictures every 7-14 days when WE GET TIME   I know that some of you may want to say "I know you are busy but...." Do not submit your deposit if you do not agree to our rules.

5) When choosing puppies, everyone chooses from the same pictures and videos. No, I will not go and take new pictures for you after I just sent you current pictures and videos to choose from. Please be respectful of this rule.

Rules subject to change or be added to at any time.