Colors and Coats

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They say a picture is worth a thousand you agree?

See the pics below:

Also if you are looking for the smallest lowest shedding puppy you can get from us....please ask about our straight coated doodles. We have them every once in awhile. ;)

Above  you will see a few different puppies. In the picture above, you will see a, almost white English cream colored puppy. Then a more cream colored puppy, then basic gold, then dark gold with a twist....the twist is the "doodle" coat which comes from being half poodle. I added that puppy in for two purposes. 1) so you can see the dark gold color 2) So that you can see, just like I can see....the difference between a doodle coat and a mini golden/straight coat. 

 "Joey" above and below is a large straight coated goldendoodle. He is fully grown and 31 lbs. Handsome boy, not available for sale but as an example of what a straight doodle "may" look like. His color is "GOLD"

 "Strawberry" above and below is another example of a 50% straight coated doodle. She weighs about 22 lbs. ;)

See in picture below how close in color the light gold and the cream are? These two ladies will both have light gold ears but 1 has a gold overlay on her back and the other has a cream coat.




This litter is ALL either dark gold or red. You can see around their eyes what color of miniature or toy golden retriever they will be. ;)