older miniature golden retriever puppies

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We have some older miniature golden retriever puppies from Max and Abbey that we will be posting soon. Some have an incorrect bite and will be marked down due to this cosmetic defect.

We will likely start training on these pups soon so their price will increase with training.

Prices starting at "as is" for a miniature golden retriever puppy (this page only) , bad bite, males, no training. $1300 Females $1400

Good bite, males with no training $1700. Females with a good bite and no training $1900

Born 7/26/19. Miniature golden retriever size mostly. Likely to mature 30-48 lbs with a 40 lb average. ;) Abbeys litter is to be considered Miniature Cream/white golden retriever

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Abbey X Max Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies






Females above and below: