Puppy Prices:

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EXTRA SMALL (likely to mature under 20 lbs) RARE...add $700

2019 Puppy general price list: (subject to change at any time, individual puppy prices take precedence over this list)

Miniature: (weights between 35-54 lbs for females and 35-64 lbs for males)

Gold M- $1400 Gold F- $1600 (absolute easiest color and size to produce)

White or Cream M- $2000 White  or Cream F- $2200 (technically still cream but VERY light/white in appearance) (tough to produce)

Red M - $1800 Red F- $2000 (pretty tough to produce a real red, dark and light golds will be priced as "gold" color)

Black or Merle M - $1000 F- $1200

Toy: (weights between 21-35 lbs typically 25-33 lb average)

Gold M - $1700 Gold F- $1900 (not real easy to get toys always)

White or Cream M- $2300 White or Cream F- $2500 (Absolute hardest size and color to produce and still keep our golden retriever % above 50%)

Red M $1900 Red F- $2100 (harder to achieve than gold but not as hard as white or cream)