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All puppies have 2 year written guarantee to be free of all life threatening genetic defects or you we will replace your puppy. All puppies will get at least one shot and be wormed while here.  We are a FAMILY breeder and all of our dogs are indoor/outdoor pets.  Raising suitable "FAMILY" pets is our main objective. Because we have "little ones" too, temperament is a KEY factor in our breeding.

***We do not sell as breeders. Spay and neuter required***




1) Do you have puppies available?

  Look @ our puppy page for availability. 

   (a) Do your dogs hunt?

      1) Miniature golden retrievers are considered hunting dogs by classification. We can not guarantee that your dog will hunt but most do possess the instincts required if you are a good trainer.


2) How much is this puppy or that puppy?

  a) See puppy page.


3) How big will this or that puppy get?

    a) We ONLY offer a size range and will not pin point an exact weight for you. Nor will we guarantee ANY size.

Pocket goldens - 25lbs and under

Toy goldens - 26-37 lbs

Miniature Goldens - 38-54 lbs

   b) Although we can not guarantee size, we have come a long way and feel pretty good about most of our dogs staying within or at least close to the size estimates  given.

No refunds will be given if your puppy happens to go oversize Nor will we charge you more if your puppy happens to be smaller than the price category you paid for.


4) When do I get to choose my puppy?

  a) We typically begin choosing at  5 weeks of age but if the person who is first in line would like to choose sooner, the process can begin sooner. (ONLY IF WE ARE ABLE TO GET PICS OUT SOONER) No one is "required" to choose before 5 weeks though.

  b) This is also the time that we will learn "which" puppies are still available if any are left in a particular litter. 



5) How does choosing my puppy work?

  a) Puppies are chosen by the order in which the deposits are received. 1st dep = 1st choice, 2nd dep = 2nd choice and so on.

  b) You choose your own puppy based on a still clear shot of each puppy face and a 30 sec video to see movement.  Please, do not expect the high quality photography and videos some breeders have. We live out in the middle of nowhere practically and sometimes we don't have internet at all. Please realize that you are charged much less for our dogs as well. There are other breeders with great customer service! And GREAT pictures and videos! My favorite is Michelle Taylor at Taylormade Goldens. Please consider her if you do not wish to follow our rules. You will be notified by email  when it is your turn to choose. You will have 36 hours to choose your puppy. Failure to choose in that time frame will bump you to the bottom of the list. Again, No, I will not be taking more pics and video of this angle, that angle (And The newest...."can I get a clear VIDEO of their face!?" ect. Sorry. We cant even send clear videos.  They would all need uploaded via youtube first. We just have too many other things we need to be doing.

  c) Please NOTE: Even by 5 weeks, puppies do not show a lot of personality so please do not ask me to pick the perfect puppy for your specific needs at this young age. "I" am only human and mostly go by the parental dispositions (seen here: http://www.miniaturegoldenretriever.net/contact_7.html) and not the actual puppy dispositions at such a young age.

6) What happens next?

   a) After placing a deposit on a litter, we wait for the puppies to arrive . I will notify you via email if you are on my reservation list typically within 24 hours of delivery.

   b) After your puppy is chosen, you wait again until about 10 days prior to your puppies 8 week birthdate. At that time, I will send out a "Shipping Notice". This notice will tell you what you will need to do next. Such as what food exactly to order, what exact date we "project" to ship and other information needed from you as well as payment due date reminder. (COVID 19 has caused some shipping disruptions so this part is still up in the air currently)

If you wish to order food early, we recommend doing so from the link on the bottom of all my emails. Grain free all stages is what we feed. if ordering Lifes Abundance, Plus we recommend getting at least 2 cans of pork and vennison to help ease puppy into his/her new home. If Ordering Paw tree, please order the chicken and oatmeal.


I will choose the date to meet your nanny in Spokane. It is 2 hours each way for me and I prefer to coordinate all meetings on the same day whenever possible. 

PLEASE reach out to see if others in your litter happen to be using pet comute. It may (or may not) mean a discount on your nanny service if a nanny can take 2 at a time.

Pet comute starts at $845 Shipping was so limited last time we did it and the cost was up to $750 We are now using pet comute.

8) How do I make payment or place a deposit? 

  a) Right here: http://www.miniaturegoldenretriever.net/custom.html


b) Are deposits refundable?

  1) No

9) Are deposits transferrable to other people and other litters?

  a) Yes, for as long as we are in business but not after.

10) Does price of deposit come off of total puppy price?

  a) Yes

11) Do you allow visitors?

a) Since we had someone bring parvo to our place several years back,  we no longer allow people to stroll along our dog pens or puppy areas. Short answer "no".

b) We are working on a plan to accomadate puppy visitors and still keep our puppies safe but this will require a new building. Since 98% of our puppies are shipped, or picked up at the airport, it has not been at the top of our priority list but it is climbing the ladder gradually.

c) What do we do to Prevent Parvo?

1) #1, (During an outbreak) we bathe mother dogs with soap and water when they come in to have puppies. #2, we have raised dog runs with doggie doors to keep mother dogs from ever touching the ground until puppies are weaned. (puppies are not allowed to run all over the house/ property until fully vaccinated. #3, our family ALWAYS takes off our shoes before entering the house, then we disinfect our shoes via parvo solution. #4, we wash any clothing that gets near a potentially contaminated area or outside dog (even if there is a small possibility of contamination) with special parvo solution. #5, We only use Neo Par vaccine on our mother dogs (booster yearly) and on our puppies starting at 5.5 weeks per the neo tech representatives advice. #6, By Gods Grace, we pray....we are only human and certainly can not control everything that comes our way. However God has kept parvo away for a bit and we are thankful for every day that He continues to do so. (Many of these measures are during an outbreak and we have not had one in quite awhile and we would like to keep it that way) 


12) Do you have a runt?

  a) Likely not. These are a mixed breed of dog still with both large and small dog genes. Small puppies are in every litter as they are genetically small but not considered a runt. HOWEVER we are NOW able to produce TINY (pocket) TOYS WEIGHING 20 lbs or less!!!! These are rare but we ARE getting them!

13) Can I have the Runt? Or "smaller" puppy?

  a) Please see # 12

14) Are females smaller or calmer than males?

  a) No, both females and males can be bigger or smaller in the litter. Both male and female dogs have their own energy levels and personalities that can not be stereotyped with ANY degree of accuracy.

15) Are the puppies trained at all?

  a) No official training  

16) What food is my puppy eating?

   a) Please see question 6) "b"

We have decided to switch to the grain free all stages food  (for Lifes Abundance) due to the possible glyphosate contamination in grains. We can't fix everything wrong in this world but we are doing the best we can with what we have.

We also feed Pawtree Salmon and pea. 


17) What shots has my puppy had?

  a) Typically 1 parvo / distemper shot before leaving but see your record sheet for speciffic shots your pup has had.

  b) Why do you not give more combo shots?  (Because puppies do have adverse reactions and sometimes die from vaccinations. Therefore, we give parvo/distemper  only (benefits outweigh the risks) and spare the puppy all the other stress on its immune system until it is slightly older AND you and your vet can decide what is best for your fur baby))


18) Is my puppy guaranteed?

  a) Yes your puppy is guaranteed against life threatening genetic defects. The guarantee will provide a "replacement"  puppy at a later date when you are ready. You may still keep your defective puppy and make any vet decisions you see fit without my interference. You may also transfer your replacement puppy to a friend or relative. Please understand that we will not send you a cash refund as we do not have any say in ANY of the food you feed, vaccinations you give, environment in which you keep your dog, cleaners or other known carcinogens you use around your dog.....or on any stress or strain you may expose your puppy or adult dog. Therefore, we will not be financially responsible for any  unforeseen issues that arise. However, in all fairness, we will replace your puppy and allow you to keep the original. We have had very good luck health wise with our breeding program and do not expect any issues. The guarantee is just in case something does go wrong. We DO require you to sign up for a 30 day free trial of pet health insurance to validate your guarantee. We do NOT require you to continue coverage after the 30 day free trial.

b) We do not guarantee adult size. This means, if your pup is smaller than expected, you dont pay me more. Nor do I refund if your pup gets bigger than expected. There is NO FULL PROOF METHOD of determining adult size. Time and experience is all that breeders have.


  a) YES we have a strict spay and neuter contract.

20) What breeds are in your miniature golden retriever mix?

 a) A miniature golden retriever (since 2005) has been, golden, cocker, miniature poodle.

 b) Other people have done some altering of that mix but we like what we have and believe our dogs are just right the way they are.